Travel Neck Pillow Review for better sleep while travelling

Travel pillow

Getting a good nights sleep is easy in our own beds, but when travelling on long journeys it can be hard to get a decent kip, let alone a comfortable sleep without a travel neck pillow. We have sourced some of the travel pillows out there to help you catch up on those z’s while away from your own bed.

Travel Neck Pillow

J-pillow - Travel neck PillowThis odd looking travel pillow is actually the winner of the British Invention of the Year 2012/2013. It has a unique chin and head support enabling you to emulate lying down while sitting up. We found this pillow very comfortable and easy to use in a variety of ways, be it in a car, coach or airplane.

It is also ideal for travelling with as it squashes down into a very small form with a snap loop to keep it closed. The J Pillow is also machine washable.

Bcozzy chin support travel pillow

The bcozzy chin support travel pillow offers great support around your head, neck and chin. The design allows you to adjust the support very easily and makes it ideal for all long journeys.

It won’t squash down so easily but does include a handy strap to attach it to your luggage. This travel pillow is fully machine washable.


Eye Mask / Sleep MaskAlong with a good support for your neck and head, sometimes you can need to block out the extra stimuli. This eye mask / sleep mask set is the ideal solution. Also included in the set is a pair of ear plugs.

The eye mask is perfect for fully blocking out the light and doesn’t put any pressure on your eyes, so it feels comfortable and can be worn for long periods. The rear strap is adjustable to fit any head size be it adult or child.

Travel neck Pillow Inflatable APUS Relax: Healthy Sleep On Air Plane - Best For Your Neck And BackOk, I’ll start with the fact that the Apus relax is not like any of the other travel sleep aids in this review, however it is definitely worth a look at. This travel pillow can be inflated in under 30 seconds and gives you all-round head support, by letting you lean forward slightly. There are large openings around the side to give you good airflow. Once you’ve woken from your sleep, the pillow can quickly deflate (around 15 seconds) and flattens down into a very small package.

The one downside is that it is quite large and it maybe sometimes that you may struggle to find a suitable table, fold-out tray or surface to get comfortable. If you have had trouble with the other types of pillow, this may be a viable alternative.


Aoming Inflatable Travel neck Pillow SetThe Aoming travel pillow set, contains everything you need for any type of long journey, be it in a car, coach or airplane. The set contains:  Velvet Pillow, Sleep Mask, Earplugs and a carry pouch for convenient storage.

The pillow inflates extremely quickly and we fond it to be very comfortable around the neck and head. It is also made from velvet and PVC which can be dis-assembled and machine washed. The inclusion of the other travel accessories make this a great idea for a Christmas or birthday gift for someone who travels regularly.

Hopefully you have found this review helpful to find a travel neck pillow that will give you even 20 minutes rest while travelling. Please also check out our handy tips on sleeping while travelling.

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