Tips for getting to sleep on an airplane

get sleep when travelling

It's always helpful to have a good sleep on a flight so that you arrive feeling refreshed

Firstly, book the best seat that you can afford, if you are in economy then a seat with extra legroom is a good idea. Also book a window seat, you are less likely to be disturbed and there is somewhere for you to rest your head. Most parents with young children tend to be at the front of the plane, so if you have no children then avoid these seats. There's nothing worse than little Charlie playing footie with the back of your seat.

Have a light meal before boarding so that you can settle down sooner. Avoid alchohol, caffiene, sugar and heavy meals. Drink water. Wear loose comfortable clothing and kick off your shoes.

When boarding the plane look out for rows of empty seats and if there are some available speak to the flight attendant whilst they are doing their checks. They may let you move once the flight is in the air. If you are lucky you will be able to stretch out over these seats.

Make sure you take control of the armrest as soon as you sit down, you don't want your neighbour to keep digging you in the ribs. Discourage conversation with your neighbour by wearing headphones or ear plugs and an eye mask. Use a neck pillow or try an ostrich pillow for maximum privacy. Also keep your seatbelt on at all times and visible so that the flight attendant does not disturb you.

Set your alarm to enable you to wake up and freshen up before you land.

Hopefully, using these techniques you should find ways to sleep better on an airplane and arrive feeling refreshed. For more information check out our Travel Pillow review.

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