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Summer Duvet's

Find your summer duvet right here. We will help you find the right one for you, so you can sleep comfortably this summer. With the temperature rising slowly, you could be in for some sleepless nights if you are too hot and uncomfortable.

For the right summer duvet you should be looking at a tog rating of 7.5 or under, although this isn't the only factor in helping you stay comfortable. Different types of filling can also make a difference to the feel and comfort factor. In our review of the top 10 duvets, we cover all types of filling from hollow fibre, feather and silk.

The casing of your duvet also need to be considered as this can affect how it feels against your skin along with the filling distribution, which could mean you end up sleeping underneath a sheet.

Summer Duvet Reviews

Surrey Down Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose Down Duvet/Quilt, 6 Tog, SingleThis luxurious Surrey Down Duvet is a from the Die Zudecke duvet range . Filled with 100% Class 1 Pure Canadian White Snow Goose Down making the duvet to feel impressively soft and light due to the handpicked soft fluffy clusters of down.

The duvet has a box stitched cassette construction to keep the down spread evenly in use.

The fillings are washed, sterilised and steam purified to the European Feather & Down Associations highest standards making them hypoallergenic.

We feel the Surrey Down duvet is one of the best duvets you will ever have the pleasure of sleeping under also includes a 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

There are many different tog and size options for the Die Zudecke Surrey Down Duvet. Check out our comprehensive write up for Surrey Down Duvets.

Rose Feather Luxurious Down Duvet BlanketDuck Down filled duvets are always a favourite of mine, but sometimes the feathers start to move away, giving flat areas. This duvet however has a square cassette construction, ensuring that the feathers stay in place while you sleep.

The down help to add weight to the duvet so that it lightly moulds itself to the body to keep you snug all night long. While the feather and down are usually more used for winter duvets, some of you may prefer a slightly warmer feel at night. The fillings have been washed, sterilised and steam purified to the European Down Associations highest standards making them hypoallergenic.

Silentnight Deep Sleep 7.5 Tog Duvets

The Silentnight Deep Sleep duvet is made with a poly cotton cover and a deep, soft hollowfibre filling, making it hypo-allergenic as well as machine washable.

This duvet has a deeper, more cuddly feel than many other spring and summer duvets because of thesoft hollowfibre filling.  It comes in standard King bed size, and is also available in Single, Double and Super King sizes.

Linens Limited Polycotton Hollowfibre Non-Allergenic Duvet/QuiltThis summer duvet is carefully produced from a high quality non-allergenic filling and synthetic fibres making it perfect if you are allergic to feather or down filled duvets. The cover is made from polyester / cotton, with channelled stitching which keeps the filling in place. Because of the materials used, this duvet can be washed regularly (machine wash at 40C and tumble dried at 60C to kill house dust mites).

Cuddledown 1000 Fill Power Batiste Down ComforterWe couldn't create a top 10, without having the Cuddledown 1000 duvet in the list. The price alone may make you want to have a lay down, but this is the ultimate in sleeping comfort for a summer duvet. The comforter redefines the standards of luxury bedding so light and soft, it feels like a dream! Higher fill power goose down makes better comforters and the 1,000 Fill Power European White Goose Down is absolutely the finest down we've ever seen.

Orifashion White Jacquard Natural Silk Duvet, Filled with 5 Pounds 100% Long Fiber Mulberry Silk, Light Summer Weight, Comfortable Cotton CoverThe silk comforter is filled with 100% long fiber mulberry silk. They have clarity textures, pearl like luster and very soft. There is an 18" long zippered opening on the side of the comforter, so you can see, touch and feel the silk yourself! This is one of the lightest comforters on the market, but their perfect thermal properties can make you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As the known naturally hypoallergenic material, silk filled comforter can help to keep the skin hydrated, retain its youthful luster. It is also said that the silk has a calming effect to help you get a good sleep.

This type of duvet is inhospitable to bed bugs, dust mites and immune to mold and fungi. Cleaning is simple as  putting it out in the sun to restore its natural glory and fluffiness (not for more than 2 hours though!, or the direct and extreme sunlight will damage the silk). Dry cleaning is recommended for a more thorough clean. With proper care and attention, this type of duvet can last 5-10 years.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma then the silentnight anti allergy duvet is a good choice, as it protects against both dust mites and bacteria. Available in a 7.5 or 4.5 tog rating means you can easily get a cool nights sleep. The silent night duvet is also machine washable so you can ensure it is always fresh and hygienic.

This duvet is also guaranteed for 5 years.

The Slumberdown Big Hugs duvet is a hollow fibre style duvet designed to be soft and comfortable. At a 4.5 tog rating, this will ensure even the warmest sleepers can stay under the covers without getting too warm.

The Slumberdown duvet is non-allergenic and machine washable, it can even go in the tumble dryer! It is available in King, double and single sizes.

If you really are a warm sleeper, then this is the ideal duvet for you. The Bettersleep company, have produced a 2 tog duvet to help you stay cool in the summer months. Combined with being dust mite proof and anti-allergenic in a hollowfibre construction, means it is machine washable to stay fresh and clean.

All of the duvets so far have been either feather filled or hollow fibre. The final product in our review is made from pure silk. The Pure silk summer blanket offers and alternative to those of you who do not like feel of feather or hollow fibre, or you just enjoy nothing but the best. Silk is known to be a fantastic dissipator of heat so will really help to keep you cool. Un-usually this duvet is machine washable. The only down side is that silk isn't anti-allergenic or dust mite proof, so if you are susceptible to either of those you may wish to try an alternative.

Hopefully you've found our review to find the best summer duvet to be useful? Next month we will take a look at pillows and the many options out there. In the meantime if you are tired but can't sleep, check out our handy guide to a better nights sleep.

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