Snoring mouth guard for snoring and teeth grinding

Snoring mouth guard

A snoring mouth guard can be an invaluable tool in helping stop snoring or teeth grinding during sleep. Snoring or night time teeth grinding & jaw clenching has long been a common cause for disrupted sleep, not only for the person who grinds their teeth or snores but for their partners as well who are often awoken by the noises made by their partner. The cause of teeth grinding isn’t always clear, however it is usually linked to factors such as stress, anxiety or sleep problems, some sufferers are even unaware that they are doing it!  Often the only signs are waking with facial pain, headaches, ear ache or pain or stiffness in the jaw. These can all be prevented with the help of a good quality dental guard worn at night.

SleepEase Premium Dental Night Guards are 2 different mouth guards scientifically designed to prevent night time teeth grinding (also known as Bruxism), TMJ/TMD and help stop snoring.

Snoring mouth guard

The SleepEase Professional Dental Guards are for people who suffer from Bruxism (teeth grinding), Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ / TMD) and snoring.

The tasteless polyvinyl material of the SleepEase Dental Protectors mean that the guards are comfortable and durable, scientifically designed by dental professionals to provide a one size fits all mould, moulding perfectly to fit all teeth sizes, alignments and mouth shapes.

The guards can be used singly to prevent grinding, when used together they can also help to prevent the wearer from snoring. The single guard is worn on the top teeth for the prevention of teeth grinding and the double guard is designed for both the top and bottom teeth tackling both grinding and snoring. Both of the guards help to relax the jaw muscles and even out the pressure across the jaw, this can stop the action of clenching relieving the sufferer of the aches and pains associated caused by grinding.

The double guard also helps prevent snoring by keeping the upper airway open allowing easy breathing through the mouth whilst wearing thanks to the small vent in the centre of the guard.

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How does it work?

You will receive 2 mouth guards individually packaged in their own plastic bags, one single guard for wearing on the top teeth to prevent grinding and a double guard which is designed to be worn on both top and teeth to prevent grinding as well as stopping snoring.

A handy aeriated hygiene case is provided for storage during the day when the guards are not being worn, as well as a small spatula which can be used when moulding the guards in warm water to avoid handling when warm and ready for moulding.

Detailed instructions are included to assist with ease of moulding to fit the wearer’s mouth.

To mould the guards to fit simply place them one at a time into a bowl of warm water (be careful not to use boiling water) for 30 seconds and insert into the mouth, adjusting to a comfortable position with your tongue and lips. If you find that the shape isn’t exactly right, you can re-mould the guard, however be very careful to get the correct temperature. If it is too cool the mould will not soften and too warm and the guard will stick to itself.


A snoring mouth guard is not for everyone. Some people will find it uncomfortable or just distracting while getting to sleep. For others it isn’t a problem and it is a real solution to a nightly problem. Putting aside the minor discomfort for a good nights sleep is something a lot of people are prepared to try. Available for under £10 it is certainly worth a try to see if it can work for you.

If you would rather try something else, you can check out our handy guide to stopping snoring.

Buy a snoring mouth guard on amazon.co.uk

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