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Loving Care Dog Bed Review

Loving Care Dog Bed - for medium sized dogsNothing beats a good nights sleep in a nice cosy bed. Especially when you’ve spent most of the day tearing around the garden, digging up anything mildly interesting or chewing on your favourite toy. Of course we are talking about our four legged friends, who deserve to have somewhere comfortable to sleep too.

Dog beds are always an odd purchase for me. I’m inclined to try and save a few pennies and inevitably end up buying another cheap bed not long after as it has quickly fallen apart or the stuffing just doesn’t hold up. I’m also wary of spending quite a bit of money on something that could very quickly become the tastiest thing in the house for our dog to eat (I have a Beagle called Tilly who loves the challenge of eating absolutely anything).

Here we have put together a review of the Loving Care dog bed – currently £29 on Amazon.

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First Impressions

Straight away, as soon as I got the dog bed out of the packaging, I could tell that it was well made. I instantly had peace of mind that it would be durable and long lasting. We went for the Large bed based on the recommended size chart (see below) and was a good fit for our dog Tilly. There are also a choice of 5 coloured insides to choose from. We went for the gold, only because it matches the Beagles colours slightly.

Dog beds in a range of colours

Large sized dog bed

What does the dog think?

As soon as we put the bed in position, there was an instant interest to test it out and although Tilly was pretty worn out from a few hours of kipping by the fire, she willingly stepped into the bed to give it a test (what a trooper she is). The bed itself feels well packed with filling and although the sides are not ribbed in anyway, so they ‘fall in’ slightly this did not seem to bother our test subject.

That night we were rewarded with the loudest snoring I have ever heard so I don’t think there were any complaints in that department.

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Ok, but can I eat it?

My biggest worry was that the new bed would slowly disappear, Great Escape style into the garden until I was left with a doe-eyed Beagle and another amazon purchase. However, 2 weeks into our test I was pleased to see the bed fully intact and being wilfully used at every opportunity. I’ve inspected for any nibbles or “taste-tests” and couldn’t see a single one, so on that point this bed passes with full points.

Bed Care

The bed itself can be wiped down easily and if necessary both the pillow and bed can be put into the washing machine and tumble dryer. I’ll be honest and say I’ve not needed to try this out yet, but I’m sure I will be putting it in the washing machine at some point even just to freshen it up.

Sweet Dreams

A few weeks on and still the bed is in one piece and our Tilly is still enjoying it immensely. She likes to make a small den out of the blankets and seems extremely comfortable. I have confidence that not only will this bed last a good while, it will also not be eaten!


The price!
Quality construction and made to last
Comfortable with lots of padding
High sides made our test subject feel safe (plus they made a cool den)
Looks good with a choice of colours
Sizes for almost every dog


Not suitable for puppies (they WILL eat it)
Colours may not appeal to everyone


To wrap up, the Loving Care Dog Bed is a solid purchase for the price and provided your dog doesn’t eat it, it should last you long time and provide your best friend with many, many nights of comfortable sleep.

Click here to Buy the Loving Care Dog Bed on Amazon

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