Hammocks for summer garden siestas


Now the clocks have gone forward, we all turn our attention to the garden. One of the most enjoyable experiences is relaxing in your garden in your own hammock. Hammocks have moved on from my memories of my dad reclining in a string net hammock between two apple trees. Now hammocks are easy to use, moveable and most importantly, comfortable.

Family Hammock DOMINGO dolphinThe bright and colourful hammock offers plenty of space for relaxation for you and your family. It is made from the weather-resistant, quick-drying HamacTex® material, designed to support you comfortably, with a feel very similar to cotton. This material felt very strong and is designed to be tear proof. The many hanging ropes contribute to the comfort, helping to distribute the weight evenly. The Domingo dolphin can be machine washed at 30 °C and even tumble dried.

Sleeping area: length: 250 cm, width: 180 cm

Songmics Leisure Bar Hammock 70% Cotton Portable 2 Person

This hammock has a blend of 70% cotton and 30% Polyester giving it a great feel with increased durability with a tear-proof material. This hammock felt strong and study and apparently can take up to 300 kg, although we didn’t test it to the limits, it did comfortably take the weight of 2 adults.

Along with the hammock you get a carry bag made with the same material of hammock, allowing you to take this on your camping trip or to the beach comfortably.

The Songmics Leisure Bar Hammock can be machine washed at 30 °C and even tumble dried.

Sleeping area: length: 250 cm, width: 150 cm

Songmics 185 X 125 cm Hammock Chaise-hamac chair

Still technically a hammock, the Songmics hammock is more of a suspended chair as it requires only one fixing point. The colours and pattern look great and the material is made from 70% cotton + 30% Polyester with tear-proof material.

The wooden rails are sturdy and feel like they can easily take the weight of even the most sturdy of hammock enthusiasts. 

The Songmics hammock can be machine washed at 30 °C and comes with a carry bag to match the hammock

Sleeping area: length: 185 cm, width: 125 cm

Double Camping Hammock Set - Lightweight Parachute Portable HammocksThe first thing that strikes you, when laying in this hammock is that it feels softer & stronger than most other hammocks. The material used is lightweight , durable and breathable. but also feels silky to the touch. A nice feature is a handy pouch that can be used to hold your mobile, keys, sunglasses, or even a bottle.

This hammock contains the complete package to get you hammocking straight away, with carabiners and nautical grade ropes 10ft/3m with prepared loops included. 

This hammock is also one of the biggest hammocks we tested being 3m x 2m, easily enough room for 2 people to cuddle up.

Sleeping area: length: 300 cm, width: 200 cm

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