Gro Clock Sleep Trainer Review

The Gro Company Gro Clock Sleep Trainer

Sleep training babies can be a difficult time for parents, so can having a toddler who wakes too early to understand it’s not yet time to get up and play. The Gro Company’s Gro Clock Sleep Trainer has been praised by parents worldwide as a fun, easy way to help ease your toddler into a healthy sleep routine so the whole family can wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

What’s in the box

Included in the box is the Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer which measures 12.4 x 16.4 x 22.4 cm and is powered by the DC-power adapter included. Your copy of the ‘Sleepy Farm’ storybook to prepare for bedtime and teaching the child how to recognise whether it is time to go to back to sleep or go to see mum and dad, and an instruction manual.

What is the Gro Clock Sleep Trainer

The Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer is more than just a clock for telling it is time for bed and time to wake up in the morning, it is an entire sleep system starting with a specially written bedtime story ‘Sleepy Farm’ (included in the box) which explains to the child that they should look at the clock to see the all the stars in the sky around the moon at night-time.

Should the child wake up before the desired time set by the parents, they can look at the clearly displayed screen and note if the Mr Star (night time sleep mode) is still there signifying it is still time to sleep, older children are encouraged to count the stars left remaining around Mr Star which fade during the night as a countdown to morning, or if the sun (day time mode) has risen.
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There is also the option to add an audible alarm sound either as the Gro-Clock enters day time mode or delayed, for instance day time mode begins at 7am with a silent sunrise however the alarm is set to sound at 7.30am.

The Gro-Clock can also be used as a nap-time trainer for younger children with a separate wake-up time setting giving you more time to grab that important cup of coffee before your child rises for round two!

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The brightness on the Gro-Clock’s LED screen can be easily adjusted to suit your child’s preferences by selecting the brightness options in the settings menu on the clock. You may find as you child grows they prefer the clock brightness to be adjusted.

The Gro-Clock also helps your child to adjust during spring and autumn with the hour changes in the UK.

There is also a key-lock function to prevent little fingers from adjusting the settings, simply press down the bottom arrow button and hold for 3 seconds until a cross apprears in the big star’s cheek. Unlocking can be achieved by following the same process, holding down the button until you hear the audible beep.

Demo mode can be used as a visual explanation to the child showing how the stars will fade and the sun will rise, just press and hold the up button for three seconds and the clock will begin to cycle through the day and night modes until demo mode is turned off in the same manor by pressing and holding the up button for three seconds.


The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer is a great way to help teach your child a healthy and beneficial sleep routine at an early age. Simple to use and fun for children as well as looking great, it is a sure fire winner. The Gro-Clock has also received awards from Loved by Parents and Best Baby & Toddler Gear.

Best Baby & Toddler Gear award - Gold 2013Loved by Parents - Winner 2012 - Best sleep aidLoved by Parents - Winner - Best Nursery Accessory 2012
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Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer on Amazon

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