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Welcome to our review of the Bedtime bliss eye mask. A sleep mask that is guaranteed to work and at a reasonable price. Read our in-depth review to find out what is so good about this sleep mask and if it is for you.

Why use an eye mask?

If you are working shifts, which require you to sleep during the day, or you are very sensitive to light, then a good eye mask can completely block out any light such as a TV or your partner reading in bed,  enabling you to get better sleep. Sleep masks are usually intended for back sleepers, as when pressed into a pillow, the mask may move away from the eyes. Also if you are a regular traveller or just want to not be disturbed while travelling, an eye mask can certainly help.

Some people like to use a sleep mask as a signal to the brain that it is time for sleep and there will be no further visual stimulus. Using an eye mask as a part of going to sleep can help train yourself to be more disciplined in your sleep routine. You may even find with reduced sensory disturbance that your sleep is improved, especially if you are a light sleeper.

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Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask Review

Whats in the box?

When you first open the packaging for the sleep mask, you will find it contained in a handy carry case. The case is made from the same black material as the mask, which fits snuggly without having to fight it in or out of the case. The top can be loosely closed with a drawstring, keeping the contents safe and protected. This is especially handy if you travel a lot, ensuring that your travel sleep mask is kept clean and protected when placed in your luggage or pocket.

Also included within the package are a pair of ear plugs. Usually when you receive free ‘extras’ they aren’t any good. However the ear plugs provided proved comfortable and very effective. I would even go so far to say that they are better than some of the ear plugs I have brought on their own! Of course with the handy carry case, it makes it even more convenient to carry your mask and ear plugs while travelling or just to keep them safe.

The Eye Mask

Many eye masks you find are shaped material with an elastic strap to hold it onto your head. They are not adjustable and can let in light from the edges and also through the material itself. The Bedtime Bliss eye mask is completely different. The structure of the mask is moulded in a lightweight form that feels great, however I’m not sure how long it will last with continued use. The mask is designed to fit over your eyes, but doesn’t touch your eyes in any way. There is enough room that you can open your eyes while wearing the mask. This immediately creates a more comfortable feeling, as I certainly don’t sleep well with something touching my eyes. The material that the eye mask is wrapped in, is soft, comfortable and sits well against the skin.

No light gets past through this eye mask and you are guaranteed that you will be submerged into complete darkness with them on, even in the middle of the day. If you are a warm sleeper, you may find that the mask becomes uncomfortable and warm during the night due to it being in contact with your skin. On some warmer nights I did find that I just couldn’t wear it, as my face was getting to hot.

Around the nose there is a rigid bridge, which depending on the size of your nose, may or may not let in a little bit of light. Once your eyes are closed, the small amount of light the does get in is unnoticeable. Usually a small bit of adjustment of the mask can rectify this, however the bridge itself is not mouldable or moveable in any way. The way it extends from the middle of the mask is comfortable and doesn’t put any pressure upon your nose, more of an additional point to help keep the mask over your eyes.

Buy the Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask on Amazon.co.uk

Velcro Strap

Better than the usual elastic strap, this eye mask has a handy velcro strap. The strap is thick enough to hold itself without it feeling like you are in the arm-lock of a wrestler. Another benefit of the strap being velcro, instead of elastic is that it will last far longer. The cheaper elastic straps will start to loose their elasticity after a while, meaning it would need to be replaced. There is sufficient length in the velcro to fit most size heads, both male and female and even children can wear this mask comfortably.

Some people may not like the feeling of the mask around their head, but unfortunately there is no other way to keep it secured. The velcro strap may start to dig into the back of your head, but I found that it was not too bad and I didn’t notice after a while. If you can’t get comfortable with a strap, then an eye mask wouldn’t be suitable for you. I personally am not keep on wearing something while sleeping, but I found the position of the strap to be well placed and after a short while you do forget that you are wearing it, allowing for a much more comfortable sleep.


If you suffer from sleep apnea and use a Continuos Positive Airway Pressure Therapy Apparatus (CPAP) you will be pleased to hear that this eye mask has been designed to be compatible with a CPAP mask.



  • Great Value
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Blocks out light very well
  • Free carry case and ear plugs
  • Ideal for travellers


  • Slight light leak around the nose
  • Not suitable for side sleepers
  • Material may start to lift away after extended use
  • Velcro strap may be uncomfortable for some

Overall this mask was extremely effective at blocking out the light, while being comfortable for extended periods of time. The mask remained over my eyes all night and was secure as it was when I had gone to sleep. The area of the mask over the nose did let in a tiny bit of light, however not enough to be distracting or an annoyance.

The inclusion of the free carry case and great ear plugs make this an ideal sleep mask for a very good price. You will be hard pressed to find something of this quality and comfort for less. Alternatively you can check out our tips for getting to sleep on an airplane or handy tips for sleepless nights.

Buy the Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask on Amazon.co.uk

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