Ewan the dream sheep

Ewan the dream sheep

If you are looking for a gift for a newborn or even as a baby shower present, you can stop looking. Ewan the dream sheep is a multi award winning cuddly toy ideal for settling restless babies and toddlers and helping them to get to sleep. Suitable for both boys and girls, this sleep sheep is a real winner. 

Ewan can play soothing sounds and radiate a calm pink glow that will help a baby or little one to sleep. After 20 minutes,  it will turn itself off, which may not be long enough for some children to settle, although as they grow and develop, they will surely learn to turn him on by themselves, which is a rewarding experience. The sheep is made from a very soft material that feels lovely, however the control box could be placed a bit better as it is easy to turn it off when moving him around. Ewan the dream sheep is cute enough, that some children will want to take him with them everywhere they go.

This is an ideal toy no only to help children get to sleep, but it also teaches them to self-soothe. Hopefully leading to them being able to get to sleep more easily as they grow up. Suitable for boys or girls and available in purple or grey.

Buy Ewan the Dream Sheep for £29.99 on Amazon.co.uk

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Ewan the sheep can play real heartbeat and womb sounds that mimic the sounds that babies hear in the womb. The sounds are great for helping to comfort newborns as they adapt to the big wide world. The womb and heartbeat sounds are also very effective to help reduce COLIC pain as they soothe and relax the baby. As well as the womb and heart beat, Ewan can play 3 pink noise sounds*, which is similar to white noise but more effective for babies and toddlers. Also included are rain, vacuum cleaner and harp music sounds. Ewan the dream sheep is not just for babies, he can help with a good sleep routine well into the child’s pre-school years.

The sounds can be activated by pressing any of his four legs. The sounds are quite loud, even on the lowest setting, but babies and little ones seem to be more reassured by this.


As well as great sounds, Ewan the dream sheep also includes a built in nightlight, that emits a soft pink glow**. Instructions for product are located in the base of the packaging. Always use brand new high quality non -rechargeable batteries. If your sounds are distorted or light does not work, it means the batteries need changing.

Everywhere Ewan

This toy can be fixed securely to the cot bars for your peace of mind. It may take a bit of trial and error to find a good position where the baby can see it, but it isn’t too close to their face. Ewan the dream sheep can also be used if you are travelling or out to the shops as he can attach to a pushchair/buggy or even a car seat. This means a good sleep for the baby wherever they are. His tail is made from velcro, providing you with many options on how to attach him. He can also sit nicely, so could also easily be placed on a nearby table or dresser.

For babies under 12 months, it should always be secured above the cot. Plush toys should not be placed directly next to babies while sleeping for the first 12 months.

Buy Ewan the Dream Sheep for £29.99 on Amazon.co.uk

Sleep tips

When first using Ewan, remember to switch the ‘try me’ button to normal setting, otherwise ewan will only play for under 1 minute. When installing batteries, make sure they are inserted correctly and switch on the light otherwise it will not work. Make sure you use good brand AAA batteries (not rechargeables as the longevity will be reduced) and also to have a backup set of batteries to hand, because guaranteed they will run out just when you need to get your little one to sleep.

Round up

  • Multi award winning baby sleep aid
  • Great for settling restless babies and toddlers
  • Secure attachments for cot, buggy or car seat
  • Real heartbeat and womb sounds
  • Soothing pink nightlight
  • Great for a newborn or gift

Buy Ewan the Dream Sheep on Amazon.co.uk


If your little one is having trouble sleeping or you are looking for something to help soothe them, Ewan the dream sheep is the ideal toy because he packs so much into a soft cuddly package.

*Please note sounds may differ from pre-summer 2014 Ewan the dream sheep
** Requires 3 x AAA batteries – not included.


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