Coronavirus – Have fun growing seeds indoors

Now we are in lock down and not sure if and when we will be able to obtain fresh food, It’s fun to grow your own.

Firstly, there are several things you can grow on the windowsill and if you have children get them involved as you can get results in days.

Mung Beans are very quick and nutritious, you just put them in a jar, rinse them out a couple of time a day. After about 5 days they are ready to eat.  Great in a stir fry.

Alfafa or sprouting seeds can be grown in the same way and are great in salads or sandwiches.

Also great for the windowsill is cress which you grow on a saucer on a piece of dampened kitchen towel, just keep it moist.  Mixed salad leaves can be grown in a bit of soil or compost.  Re-use a mushroom tray and keep sowing every 10 days.

Try growing tomatoes and putting them in a growbag in the conservatory or sunny spare room.  If you don’t have the room then the little moneymakers are great in a hanging basket.

The tomatoes and lettuce can be started in a small propagator but it’s not necessary.

If you have a bit of space between plants in the garden then you can grow spring onions and lettuce plants (that you have started growing indoors) beetroot, radishes and rocket.

Have a go – its great fun and think of the money you’ll save!

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