Apple Acquires Beddit for Apple Watch

After recently announcing the success of the Apple Watch, Apple looks to be developing new technology into future watches. They have recently acquired Beddit which has a sleep monitoring device and accompanying iOS and watch apps.

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With the last iOS upgrade, Apple introduced new sleep features into its clock app. The Bedtime app allowed you to specify when you want to go to bed and when you want to be woken, showing how much sleep you would get. Enabling this feature would mean your phone would remind you 10 mins before you needed to be asleep. I found the reminders useful as a prompt and it tracked when you locked your phone at night, so you could get a rough idea of how much sleep you actually got. Other sleep apps are available and vary in their ability to track your sleep due to only being able to detect secondary signals such as noise and movement. This is where a sleep monitoring device is required to more accurately detect what your body is doing, by monitoring signals such as body temperature, heart rate and movement.

Apple never reveals what its plans are, but lets hope there is more time invested into the area of sleep, considering how integral our phones and watches are in our daily lives it seems odd to miss out on 40% of that.

For more information about sleep apps, check out our 5 of the best sleep apps review.

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