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Nobody likes alarm clocks! Who enjoys being rudely awoken from their deep sleep by the monotonous repetition of their mobile phone chimes? We look into some alternatives that may wake you from your slumber in a much gentler fashion.

The Philips Wake-up Light is designed to gradually wake you with the effect of a morning sunrise. This should ease you awake, gently and naturally, just like a summer’s dawn, and just in case, there’s a back-up beeper. 30 minutes before your alarm is due to go off, the Philips alarm clock will gently light, getting gradually brighter and brighter. By the time the 30 minutes is up, you should be fully awake, gently and naturally. You can adjust the brightness to a level that suits you.

While reviewing the Philips Wake up light, we found that there are several alternatives that offer the same features for less. Check out the .

Nothing starts your day better than hearing your favourite music, so the Fozela alarm clock is perfect. It features a Bluetooth 4.0 wireless Speaker, which could easily connect with any bluetooth enabled phone and tablet. You can also use the USB and micro TF/SD Card inputs for playing your favourite music.

A touch LED Lamp with 3 Levels of adjustable brightness (dim , intermediate, and high brightness). Easy and convenient in dark environment. The light even at high brightness was quite soft, so gentle on the eyes, first thing in the morning.

The alarm clock itself features a big digit 12/24H display with a Calendar, Alarm and Sleep mode.  Also support Sleep Mode – auto turn off lamp and speaker after setting.

If you start your day, needing to know as much as possible about the weather before you get dressed, this is the alarm clock for you. Featuring a nicely laid out display offering a variety of details on the weather with its jumbo display, remote sensor, and reliable  weather forecasts. 

During our tests, we found that the weather displayed did accurately match what what was happening outside. The display is also good enough that you can easily read it from across the room.


Another alarm clock that uses light as well as sound to gently wake you. There are 4 stages of light that aim to emulate a rising sun. The alarm also features 10 nature sounds (Birds, Brooks, Nightingale, Waves on the Beach, Waterfall and birds, Rain) to help you wake in a more natural environment, it also comes with 2 normal sounds (ringing tone or standard alarm).

The alarm does not come with a power supply, so requires batteries to use (3 x AA batteries – not included). Because the bulbs inside are LED, the batteries should last you a good while before you need to replace them. The display is big and clear and includes the time, a calendar and temperature.

If your looking for something a bit more contemporary than the garish digital alarm clocks, then look no further than the Karlsson minimal alarm clock. It refines the classic look with a modern twist and clean aesthetics. The materials themselves feel very solid and the whole clock feels high quality.

The time piece within this clock is silent so you won’t be kept awake at night by constant ticking.

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