6 Tips every parent needs to get their kids to sleep

6 Tips Every Parent Needs To Put Their Kids To Sleep

Getting your kids to go to sleep can be hard work. Some children find it hard to settle, others need time to wind down. Sleeping problems aren’t only an adult problem; in fact, many parents have many problems when it’s time to get their child to sleep. Bedtime can be a true nightmare. However your children are at bed time, getting the kids to sleep can be an art. So, here are 6 tips that will help you get your child sleeping in no time:

1. Bedtime

Every child is born with some sleeping patterns. While some are early risers, others love to stay sleeping the entire morning. However, when it’s time to get them to school, you need to set individual bedtimes. Not all children have the same sleeping needs but setting a routine early in their life will really help. The time they need to go to bed depends on their age, their activity levels, and their own genetics.

2. Wake-Up Time:

Just as you need to have a bedtime, you also need to implement a wake-up time. Since you already know how many hours of sleep your child needs to wake up refreshed, just do the math. And while it would be great to leave them in their beds a little longer on holidays and weekends, it is still an idea to maintain a routine of sorts.

3. Consistent Bedtime Routine

Children love routines. Since they don’t know the time, you need to define a set of things they do every night before they go to bed. It can be eating dinner, taking a bath, brushing the teeth, and story time. When your child knows what to expect, they will be more willing to comply with it (most of the time!).

4. Decrease Stress Before Bedtime

One of the things that may be causing your child sleeping problems is too much activity before going to bed. This is why having a calming bedtime routine is so important. Ensure your childs room is not too cold or too warm and give them calm activies such as a jigsaw or reading to help them wind down.

5. Create A Good Sleep Environment

Making their room dark, quiet, and with soft sheets creates a pleasant environment for sleeping. If your kid likes to sleep with a stuffed animal, that’s ok. It’s the way they feel safer. However, try and avoid tea parties in bed as this will only encourage playtime and keep your child awake.

6. Monsters under the bed

Although this doesn’t affect all kids, some child have bedtime fears. And these are real for them and the last thing you should to do is to ignore them. Try to reassure your child that they are safe by checking under the bed and in cupboards. If that doesn’t work, you can get a toy that will act as a monster protector for him while he is sleeping. Alternatively monster spray (ours is a bottle of fabreeze) around the doorway is a good way to prevent monsters getting close.



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